Our team

We are a group of architects and designers creating an interdisciplinary design studio.
The implemented tasks deal with architecture, interior and product design. Our ideas are characterized by bold and unconventional approach to various themes. The name of our studio was taken from the Latin ‘genius loci’ signifying the caring spirit of the place and refers to the design method in which we seek relationship and context. We attach great importance to harmonious, consistent and functional design, searching for inspiration in the surrounding world.

The Genius Loci Architekci brand was established in 2007 by architects – Maria Rypuła and Jacek Rypuła.

Jacek Rypuła

architekt, założyciel i lider pracowni

Architekt IARP i SARP Katowice, certyfikat RIBA

Absolwent Politechniki Krakowskiej na Wydziale Architektura i Urbanistyka. Dyplom 2008, pod przewodnictwem dr hab. inż. arch. Marka Kowickiego, prof. PK. Był to pierwszy obroniony dyplom w historii uczelni łączący dwa kierunki tj. architekturę i urbanistykę oraz architekturę krajobrazu. Tematem przewodnim dyplomu była rewitalizacja obszarów poprzemysłowych.

Maria Rypuła

Landscape architect, founder of the studio

Graduate of the Cracow University of Technology at the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, 2008. Obtained diploma, accreditated by Royal Institute of British Architects, under the chairmanship of Prof. Marek Kowicki, PhD. Eng. Of Architecture. A post-graduate in the field of “Landscape Planning and Land Management.”

Ania Przybył


A graduate of the Cracow University of Technology at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. Obtained her diploma in 2011 under the chairmanship of Prof. Andrzej Kadłuczka, PhD. Eng. Of Architecture

Our clients

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